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OBI Urban Sushi is the hip and trendy spot to meet up and enjoy sushi with friends and coworkers.

The term OBI in Japanese refers to the sash that graces a kimono, adding personality and unique character to every man and woman that wears this defining accessory. In an imaginative way, this vibrant array of sashes has been reborn in OBI's cuisine, unveiling a mouthwatering variety of recipes from the sandy shores of Okinawa to the snow-capped mountains of northern Hokkaido. Select imported ingredients are carefully combined together to create subtle dishes that tantalize the senses, playing on texture, color, and flavor in innovative ways. This is where guests can revel in the freshest and most authentic Japanese flavors, reproduced by OBI's team of specialized Asian chefs.

Whether it's for a quick bite before heading out to the movies or a lengthy get together, OBI is the place to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine in a completely modern and fresh ambiance. Our different interior design and concept is an urban hangout offering signature Sushi, Sashimi, and Maki, as well as delicious Asian salads, soups, appetizers, and main dishes.

Forget the posh and Zen concept of Sushi and experience a whole different wave of urban Japanese cuisine representing a trendy twist on the traditional Japanese culture from the country's art to its gastronomy. Entice your senses with ingredients imported all the way from Japan and prepared by professionals, more like artists, in an edgy and modern atmosphere.

After having perfected Asian cuisine, OBI offers Beirut a unique face to introduce its hip dining concept into the Lebanese market. We are trading in refined and posh dining for a laid-back ambiance perfect for a tête-à-tête, friendly reunion, business meeting, or even a group project. When you walk into OBI you notice the edgy vibes still with small Japanese nuances here and there. OBI is a completely new environment for a completely new face of Sushi.

Our recipes still promise to leave your mind buzzing into a gourmet gastronomic whirlwind, while on the physical plane you will feel bask in your effortless, hassle-free surroundings.

*All prices are in Lebanese Pounds inclusive of V.A.T
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